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Electronic commerce, or E-comm, as it is commonly known, refers to the sale of products and/or services on-line by credit card, electronic check or other similar methods of payment other than cash or in-person transactions. E-comm solutions are ideally suited for those businesses who wish to market their products and/or services beyond the local area where they are located, or beyond the walls of their "brick-and-mortar" physical locations. In fact, many companies today operate without the expense or maintenance of storefront operations by taking orders over the web, then drop-shipping products directly to their customers, often at substantial savings to the buyer and the seller because of reduced infrastructure, employee, stocking, merchandising and other related costs associated with running a business from a walk-in location.

E-commerce is not for everybody or every business. Unless monthly profits from e-sales exceed a minimum of about $600.00, there is no monetary benefit to offering on-line sales. In fact, with profits of less than that amount a business would actually lose money. However, for those businesses that anticipate exceeding monthly profits of $600.00 from their on-line sales e-commerce offers the easiest and most convenient method of transacting business around the corner or around the world.

Electronic sales do not require extra phone lines, credit card processing equipment or trips to the bank to deposit credit card receipts. Everything is managed on the back end through secure server merchant bankers who guarantee complete confidentiality and integrity for all transactions. Your customer completes a simple Internet order form, then clicks a button to send their order, shipping and payment information. You receive e-mail confirmation of the order and verification of funds deposited into your bank account, then fill the orders.

CobraGraphics can provide complete e-comm solutions customized to your needs, including creation of your storefront web site where customers can see your "catalogue" of products and services offered. We can also provide complete support and maintenance of your e-comm account to make sure it works consistently and reliably for the convenience of your customers and the profitability of your business.

Cost for e-commerce solutions depends upon the nature of the business and the number of product or service items offered. The base rate is about $600.00 per month, plus a one-time setup cost of $300.00, and includes a shopping cart where customers place their orders, credit card processing and verification services, merchant bank account, secure server protection and other services necessary for safe and complete on-line order transaction processes. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and let us show you why our motto is "Web Designs with a Bite!"


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